Steering Committee

Christine Seibert
Financial Secretary

Christine Seibert serves as an Energy Efficiency Coordinator in Orono, Maine helping families to winterize their homes and save energy. She recently earned a degree from Gordon College in Biology with a double minor of Environmental Outreach and Sustainable Development.

Christine first started with YECA as as Climate Leadership Fellow, where she worked to get solar panels as her senior class gift and created educational signage for the local woods. During her time at Gordon, she also led the creation-care group Advocates for a Sustainable Future and spent a semester in New Zealand studying ecology and theology. These experiences fed her curiosity of the natural world and helped teach her how to share it with others. She hopes to one day become a Sustainability Coordinator in higher education so she can combine her passions for tangible environmental action with student mentorship. In her free time, Christine enjoys cooking, hammocking, and getting outdoors.


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