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Take the Faithful Action Pledge

Y.E.C.A. was launched when 18 young evangelicals gathered together to draft and sign the Faithful Action Pledge, and signing it remains the first step to joining in the movement. Read the text below and then consider signing it for yourself.

Initial Signatories

  • Brittany Bennett, MD
  • Marissa Binkoski, PA
  • Jayme Cloninger, DC
  • Kevin Crosby, IN
  • Danika Foster, PA
  • Rick Herron, CT
  • Brandon Hoover, PA
  • Rachel Lamb, MI
  • Ben Lowe, IL
  • Joshua Martin, MS
  • Keane McCullum, PA
  • Katie Norregaard, IL
  • Gretchen Peck, MN
  • Karis Roper, MI
  • Matthew Soerens, IL
  • Anthony Waldrop, CA
  • Andrea Wilson, TN
  • Curtis Witek, IL

We are young evangelicals striving to live out what Jesus said was most important: loving God fully and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Climate change is already impacting our neighbors and God’s creation here in the United States and around the world. For the sake of “the least of these,” we believe God is calling us to faithful action and witness in the midst of the current climate crisis. Therefore, we commit ourselves to living faithfully as good stewards of creation, advocating on behalf of the poor and marginalized, supporting our faith and political leaders when they stand up for climate action, and mobilizing our generation to join in.

Take the Faithful Action Pledge



We consider each signatory to the Faithful Climate Pledge a Y.E.C.A. Activist. For every young evangelical who signs it, we can add one more name to our total, an important number we often use when talking to the press, senior evangelical leaders, and political officials. The bigger we are, the more effective we can be!



Every young evangelical who signs the Faithful Climate Pledge receives a personal message from one of our Organizers. We will assist you in networking with Activists and Organizers in your area, look for areas in which you can lend your talents to the movement, and send you the latest developments and action opportunities via our e-newsletter.



By knowing who you are, where you live, and what you are interested in, we are better able to find opportunities for you to take action in your own sphere of influence. We understand that privacy is a concern, so we keep whatever information you give.