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Fellows and Advocates Fund

The Fellows and Advocates Fund directly supports our on-the-ground advocates. Our Climate Leadership Fellows are supported by a stipend to create and implement a climate action plan on their respective our Advocates are volunteers who receive specific training and represent YECA within their respective communities. Your donation allows these leaders to attend trainings, develop resources, and more fully pursue their calling to act on climate.

The YECA Fellows and Advocates Fund is administered by our sponsor organization, the Evangelical Environmental Network. If you would rather, we have instructions for giving by check below. 

Feeling a little low-tech? That's just fine! Make checks payable to "Evangelical Environmental Network" with “Young Evangelicals for Climate Action” in the memo line, and then mail to the following address:

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action
C/O Evangelical Environmental Network
PO Box 340
Westfield, IN 46074-0340

Please include your full name and contact information in the envelope so that we can thank you!

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