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General Action Fund

When you donate to the unrestricted Action Fund you are empowering us to keep the doors open and keep the action growing at YECA. This supports our staff, steering committee, and activists, keeps our website and communications up-to-date, helps serve the many people who contact us with questions and requests, funds operational expenses related to building a movement, and more.

The General Action Fund is administered by our sponsor organization, the Evangelical Environmental Network. If you would rather, we have instructions for giving by check below.

Feeling a little low-tech? That's just fine! Make checks payable to "Evangelical Environmental Network" with “Young Evangelicals for Climate Action” in the memo line, and then mail to the following address:

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action
C/O Evangelical Environmental Network
PO Box 340
Westfield, IN 46074-0340

Please include your full name and contact information in the envelope so that we can thank you!

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