Neighbor Award For Climate Stewardship Winners

Paul Simonin
January "Neighbor Award" Winner

Paul Simonin is an aquatic ecologist at Cornell University working with the Environmental Change Initiative affiliated with the University of Notre Dame. He is formerly an Au Sable Graduate Fellow and is currently a visiting scientist with A Rocha.

Paul-Simonin.jpgYECA would like to congratulate Paul Simonin as the January winner of the Faithful Neighbor Award for Climate Stewardship.

Each month YECA is recognizing a young Christian in this country who is striving to live out what Jesus said was most important: loving God fully and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Climate change is already impacting our neighbors and God’s creation here in the United States and around the world, and we believe God is calling us to faithful action and witness in the midst of the current climate crisis.

Paul Simonin is an aquatic ecologist at Cornell University working with the Environmental Change Initiative affiliated with the University of Notre Dame. He is formerly an Au Sable Graduate Fellow and is currently a visiting scientist with A Rocha. Paul’s research analyzes the risk and effects of climate change, invasive species, and overfishing both in the US and overseas. His professional journeys have led him to projects in Indonesia and Kenya, and he is continuing these global efforts while developing his research in the US Great Lakes region.

Through his research, Paul is helping us better understand how climate change is impacting fishing communities so that we can adapt our management strategies and maximize both human welfare and environmental health.

Paul believes that Christian ministry expands beyond church ministry, and he views his research as a communication of hope and an expression of his love for Christ. “I find value in my work as a scientist because it is motivated by God’s care for all of creation,” he replied. “I like to view my research as providing both information and inspiration for environmental stewardship.”

When asked about the future, Paul answered, “I hope to do work that leads to, and facilitates, humanity’s wise care of the natural world. By caring for the world around us, I believe we promote the flourishing of human society as well. Among institutions in the environmental conservation community, there is understandably a lot of anxiety about the future, but I believe the Church offers a unique voice of hope that does not disappoint. This is a motivating hope that leads to service and care.”

Learn more about Paul and the work he is doing at his website:

If you would like to nominate someone you know for the YECA Faithful Neighbor Award for Climate Stewardship, visit our nomination page here.