Steering Committee

Zoe Davis

fullsizeoutput_2de7.jpegZoe serves as the Climate Ready Boston Coordinator with City of Boston Environment Department. She recently completed a year of service with TerraCorps as a land stewardship coordinator at the Mystic River Watershed Association in Arlington, MA. As a TerraCorps member, she partnered with community groups and local government to create climate education campaigns and forums for public discourse about coastal resilience and revitalization. Zoe earned her B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Environmental Studies from Gordon College. She pursued landscape ecology research as a student and post-graduation with Duke University’s Clark Lab studying biodiversity and global change. Zoe grew up exploring the beautiful Hoosic River valley of Berkshire County, MA where she developed a fondness for studying nature. She is interested in intersection of landscape ecology and environmental stewardship to facilitate equity and sustainable community development. In her free time, Zoe enjoys baking quick breads, hiking, and playing guitar.

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